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Weekly Wrapup Feb 11, 2006

Well the week is about over and after posting the story on I decided not to use my Blog for any purpose related to treason. I think the big story for the week on MGN was on Cingular starting to sell the much anticipated We did find out something in omega2008's news thread. Warren Buffet must not be making the phone plan purchase deals himself these days. Never the less, the 8125 looks like it is going to be a big success.

The Undude kept us up on the NPT issues and the alleged work around in case they have to shut off parts of the service. I read somewhere that it might take IT people for big companies several months to implement the work around. Sound like a great reason to use a Windows Mobile solution.

Now we are going to see if you are even reading the blogs these days or at least looking at this one. MGN is preparing to launch the 2006 subscriber program. We have been working on getting support from a number of great sponsors and our new subscribers are going to get great value and also help the site out. Now here is the big part, we have acquired a brand new Imate SP5 and one lucky new subscriber is going to get it. Details are coming. We will announce when the program is launching - soon. I wish you a safe and satisfying weekend.
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