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Compromise - end user ripoff?

Posted by abatis, Feb 28 2006, 05:02 AM

I just have to come out and say it is sad to see people paying top dollar for devices that do not fully perform. I believe Microsoft has developed a really good mobile OS in WM5. However we see manufacturers come out with devices like the Palm 700W that in my opinion make to many compromises, like why only 32 MB of RAM. Experienced users like cortez say

my 700w is about to drive me NUTS!!! it's been reseting on it's on and 50% of the time it will not wake up from sleep mode. in fact one reset wiped out all of my contacts, email, etc... the form factor of the 700w is awesome, but these problems are causing me to consider another (company phone) device. have you had any issues similar to mine?

The software is there, the manufacturers and carriers keep compromising to beat each other in price or timing to the market (my opinion).

Could some carrier just stand up and say we want a great device for our users? Is this too much for the Windows Mobile users to ask?


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