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One Year with the Samsung i730

Posted by abatis, Aug 4 2006, 05:21 PM

I celebrated one year using my Samsung i730 this last month. That is a new milestone for me and a Windows Mobile device. Rarely have I kept using a particular SP or PPC for more than six months as my primary device. I have owned several MPX200s, Audiovox 5600 (still have two), I-mate PDA2K, I-Mate SP5, Motorola Q (lasted two days), Voq (A11 and still own an A10) and most recently bought my wife a Qtek 8500 (Great SP).

But I have to ask myself why have I not bought some other newer model PPC or SP to replace this one year old Samsung i730. My main reasons for keeping it are:

  • It is an EVDO capable PPC. I can tether faster than GPRS, I have fast internet surfing and communication.
  • It has a thumb-pad.
  • The size is more appealing to me than the bulky PDA2K I was using.
  • Verizon has updated the operating to WM5.
  • The phone has a nice build and a very good screen.
  • The voice side of this PPC phone works fine compared to other PPCs I have tried.
  • It is widely supported by hackers like SuperDave over at PDAPhoneHome, eg. A2DP hack for BT stereo.
Other than the Qtek 8500 which is a SP and thus limited, I have not ran across a replacement for the i730 - yet. Actually I am waiting for the Samsung i770 - PPC but a flipper - it better be thin and use a SD card.


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