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Microsoft and Q Advertising is Pretty Amazing

Posted by abatis, Jun 16 2006, 03:25 AM

I was flying back to Denver from Pittsburgh the other day on a US Air Airbus 320. When the attendant finally got to my seat area I folded down my tray from the seat back so I could set my beverage down. I noticed that my entire tray top was a Microsoft Windows Mobile advertisement. I looked at my neighbors tray and they were all Windows Mobile advertisements talking about the attributes of Windows Mobile. Mainly the PPC traits that include Word and Excel. I opened the US Air Magazine and there was a full page advertisement for the Motorola Q. I landed at DIA in Denver on Concourse C and as I am walking to the Central portion of the concourse I look up and see a gigantic ad for the Verizon Q. Microsoft, Motorola and Verizon are really pulling out all the stops in getting the word out on the Q device and Windows Mobile as a superior solution to the Blackberry. I think it is great since quite frankly I would not be involved in this site if I did not believe in Windows Mobile as a great solution for communication/business/entertainment on a mobile device.

The missing ingredient in the Q is the ability to actually work with Word and Excel documents (not just view). Microsoft really needs to get Word and Excel for Smartphone out to the market. I think many people would pay for Word and Excel for Smartphone if it is priced reasonably, say $39-$49 for both.

Microsoft we are begging you to get this out. Charge us, do your crazy validation but get the Smartphone platform up to snuff.

[attachmentid=208] I want to use Word and Excel.

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